The new Stone Alliance recording, so far, features the following musicians:

These are the tunes we're working on:

  1. 37 Willoughby Place by Steve Grossman & Frank Mitchell
  2. A of M by Gene Perla
  3. Angel by Mitch Stein
  4. Can't We All Get Along Naturally? by Mitch Stein
  5. The Childrens' Descarga by Don Alias
  6. Daybreak by Gene Perla
  7. Jungle by Don Alias
  8. Mahoning Device by Phil Vieux
  9. Moema by Steve Grossman, Don Alias & Gene Perla
  10. Mon Plaisir by Don Alias
  11. My Girls by Gene Perla
  12. Ochosi Public Domain
  13. Rhumba Columbia by Don Alias
  14. Rose by Don Alias
  15. That's The Way I Feel About You by Marilyn Redfield
  16. A Tribute To Elvin And Tony by Don Alias & Gene Perla
  17. U.N.U.N. by Phil Vieux

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